December 2015.

Flight of Destiny 
by Francis H. Powell

Flight of Destiny is a collection of short stories about misfortune. They are characterized by unexpected final twists, that come at the end of each tale. They are dark and surreal tales, set around the world, at different time periods. They show a world in which anything can happen. It is hard to determine reality and what is going on a disturbed mind. People's conceptions about morality are turned upside down. A good person can be transformed by an unexpected event into a bad person and then back again to their former state. The high and mighty often deliver flawed arguments, those considered wicked make good representations of themselves. Revenge is often a subject explored.

Amazon Review By Frank Scozzari Sept 16th, 2015.

"Francis H. Powell is a masterful storyteller. He successfully kept me on the edge of my seat as I paged through from one story to the next in FLIGHT OF DESTINY—a fantastic collection of 22 short stories. Here he weaves humor, surrealism, and contradictions into tales that reveal errors in commonly accepted definitions. Each story is uniquely different with twisting endings and story plots that challenge commonly accepted concepts. The characters are true and undeniably out-of-the-ordinary. Such stories as DUKE and FLAWLESS will bring into question all you thought you knew about people and the universe —I know they did me. These stories kept me guessing until the last page.”

Amazon Review By Roma Gray Oct 18th, 2015.

"Flight of Destiny is a collection of 22 short stories about misfortune characterized by unexpected final twists at the end of each tale. It's that last part that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Each story was something I equally looked forward to and dreaded. I never knew what to expect and the anticipation just about killed me."

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