April 2016.

The Tapestry 
by Paul Wigmore 

The day Gavin died was the best and worst day of his life so far. The worst because he lost his beloved in the fire that killed them both, but the best because he was set free from his mortal shell, by Saul, the mightiest demon to ever wander the wasteland of Hades.

So when a soul as damaged and twisted as Gavin's is sold to a demon as dark and evil as Saul, the only thing that can follow is devastation and the possible decimation of the human race. Humanity's only saviour is the psychic Clara, The Guardian and keeper of the Dragonfire which is embedded in the tapestry on her wall.

Amazon Review By Reggie February 5th, 2016.

"Gavin and his young wife are thrown straight into enough horror to cause him to make an alliance, if not with the devil, then with the closest thing to him. As no horror story can be pure evil, we have light, is Clara a tapestry and a quest adventure told in fabulous storytelling to round out a great read. Highly recommended for the horror thriller readers like me.”

Amazon Review By R3 Janurary 21st, 2016.

"One thing in particular I liked about this book was the use of the children's song, "Ring a ring o’ roses" as the author called it. I had always heard it as "Ring around the rosies." It's a song that refers to the Black Death. Although the author doesn't specifically state this, he does allude to it. I like descriptive text, even if it detracts slightly from the story. Words themselves are as much a form of art as the story itself. The author has plenty of these lovely descriptions."